Designing a Glass Tile Backsplash: Brightening and Personalizing the Kitchen Design


Homeowners with small kitchens, kitchens that don’t get a great deal of natural light or modern kitchens with smooth, clean lines, can all make use of a glass tile backsplash as part of the kitchen design. Glass tiles reflect and multiply any light in a room, giving a larger, brighter feel to the space. Design a kitchen backsplash with glass tiles to compliment any design, while reaping these other benefits.

Glass Tiles for Small Kitchens

If designing a small kitchen, and wishing to use a glass tile backsplash to help enlarge the space, look for smooth, modern, color-backed tiles. Color-backed glass tiles have a uniform surface, with the color applied to the back of the tile. This helps to give the tile additional depth, which is perfect for a small space. Read more reviews at

Try using the coolest toned shades of glass tiles in the largest sizes possible. The cool tones will recede from the eye and make space look larger, while the larger file sizes will minimize grout lines and help to open the space.

Pull the colors of the glass from the countertop if at all possible. Even warmer toned granites sometimes will have a cool accent color within them to pull from. Giallo Ornamental, for example, will usually have a cool-toned, cranberry fleck. Choose a glass tile that is just a few shades lighter to tie the design together.

Glass Tiles for Dark Kitchens

If remodeling or updating a kitchen that does not get a lot of natural light, look for mosaic glass tiles. Mosaic tiles catch the light on each individual piece, fracturing and multiplying the light of the room. Iridescent glass tiles, or rippled, hand poured, hand cut glass tiles will help to intensify this look.

Choose colors of glass that brighten the space, along with reflecting the light. Warm golds, reds and iridescent beiges, which catch the light with a rainbow of colors work well to brighten up a dark kitchen.

Glass Tiles for Modern Kitchen Designs

Glass tiles for modern kitchens can make use of some of the fantastic new shapes, sizes, and styles of glass tiles on the market today. 1/2″ x 8” glass “stix”, penny tiles of varying sizes and falling water patterns of multiple sized rectangles of glass moving in a vertical or horizontal pattern can help bring a modern edge to the design.

Look for bold reds, or shimmering iridescent to make a statement in the kitchen. These tiles work especially well in a kitchen which is otherwise monochrome in color.
Glass tile backsplashes can work with any kitchen décor. Look for hand poured, hand cut tiles for rustic kitchens or blends of slate and glass to add just a touch of light. Modern kitchens can make use of oversized tiles, or new and different shapes and colors, while transitional designs can make the most use of combining glass tiles with more traditional ceramic tiles.

Install a glass backsplash as part of the kitchen design today and watch the kitchen come to life. Click here for more info.